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Dan X. Nguyen Esq, Business Lawyer For Entrepreneurs

During the Call You'll Discover...

  • More about your situation

  • Identify any legal solutions

  • See if we are a right fit to work with each other

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Dear Entrepreneur:

Unlike most firms, we do charge for our Virtual Legal Strategy Sessions.

Our fee is $250 for a 30 minute Virtual Legal Strategy Session via Zoom.

(read until the end to see how you get can get a free Virtual Legal Strategy Session)

I bet you're thinking "What if I don't hire them? Then I've just wasted money!"

That's why our Virtual Legal Strategy Sessions are risk free!

We offer a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee with our Virtual Legal Strategy Sessions.

What does this mean?

We'll refund you if:

  • You feel that you haven't received any value from the Virtual Legal Strategy Session

  • We are not a right fit working with each other

  • We cannot help you

  • You are otherwise unsatisfied with the Virtual Legal Strategy Session

Just let us know at the end of the Virtual Legal Strategy Session and we'll be glad to refund your fee.

PLUS, if we decide to work with each other, we'll credit the consultation fee to any legal services (making your Legal Strategy Session free).

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